Sell Your Mobile Home

The Easy Way

The Easy Way

We process over 100 manufactured home transfers each year and are highly familiar with the current market. 

We have over 25 years of combined experience selling manufactured homes and building relationships with community owners and managers throughout the Lehigh Valley.

We Provide Complete Services In-House

We also buy homes for cash within 24 Hours, when an immediate sale is necessary.

Complete Listing & Buying Services

We represent Buyers and Sellers

Settlement Services

Title Service


Assistance with Buyer Financing

Unique Financing Solutions

Written Market Value Assessments

Expertise with Estates, Titling Issues, and Elder Care Situations

Our Process

1. In-Person Meeting

Michael Kemeter will meet with you at your home to discuss your goals of the sale: what is your asking price? How quickly do you need to sell? How quickly can you vacate the home when a buyer is secured? How do you want us to handle showings with potential buyers? We prefer to have lockbox entry to the home, but we can coordinate all showings with the Seller if necessary. Michael will assist you in determining an appropriate listing price and will discuss with some marketing strategies that may be unique to your home.

2. Listing Agreement

The Seller will sign a listing agreement with Mobile Loan Specialists permitting them to show and sell the home.

3. Photography

We will photograph the inside and outside of your home, as well as complete a brief interview with you to gather some more in-depth details about your home.

4. Listing Your Home

We will create a listing for your home on our website. We will also place your listing on several media platforms to create broader exposure. We maintain lists of potential buyers, so we will reach out to any of those customers searching for a home like yours.

5. Buyer Prescreening

As we begin to get inquiries on your home, we prescreen every potential buyer for credit worthiness, criminal background status, and income. If a potential buyer needs financing to purchase your home, we ask all the appropriate questions to determine which lenders would be the right match. We will only show your home to buyers that have a high probability of being approved by the community, securing financing, and having sufficient cash to buy.

6. Showings

We will show your home 7 days per week, from morning to late evening hours if we have lockbox access. If you are residing in the home, we will arrange showing times with you.

7. Negotiations & Contract

Once someone is ready to move forward and purchase your home, we will negotiate the terms between you: purchase price, settlement date, and sometimes additional items that may be selling with the home. If all parties reach a verbal agreement, we will proceed with putting the home under contract. You may need to sign a revised listing agreement if you have agreed to a lower purchase price. The Buyer will sign a purchase contract and put a deposit on the home. The purchase contract is contingent on the Buyer being approved as a resident of the community, completing a satisfactory inspection of the home, and sometimes obtaining final loan approval for a mortgage.

8. Buyer Assistance

We will assist the Buyer with the park approval, inspection, and mortgage process. We will keep you informed of our progress along the way.

9. Closing

If a Buyer is cleared to move forward, we will coordinate and host the closing. We provide all the legal documents, tax certificates, titling, notary, etc. that is required to settle a transaction. We host closings in our Fogelsville office, but can work remotely with people that may be out of state. Jennette will work closely with you to make sure your closing is organized and is a great experience for all involved.

Get Started

For sales and listing questions, call Mike at:


For settlements, titling, marketing, call Jennette at: 610.751.3700